Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dresslink Wishlist

As I'm writing this, the rain is pouring softly but steadily outside. It is a cold, cozy and rainy day in the middle of Adelaide's summer. It reminds me that the Australian autumn is near.. but not just yet. I'm not quite over summer, and thankfully, we've got another month of sunshine left. While I'm loving today's gloomy weather - (perfect for the day that I chose to stay home all day!), I've also got the beach on my mind. I've got a clear mental picture of sunny days playing with the white sand and the crystal blue waters. That must explain why all the pieces in my Dresslink wishlist come in the color blue!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cherry Picking at Harrisville Orchards in South Australia

Did you know that the cherries found in cocktails, canned fruit cocktail, or on top of your ice cream aren't "real cherries"? To be perfectly honest, I had no idea until I arrived in Australia and tasted real and natural cherries. Apparently, maraschino cherries or decorative cherries undergo a process of bleaching and preservation with sulfur dioxide and calcium chloride and then soaked in food coloring, corn syrup and others. Real cherries taste nothing like it! In fact, here's a beautiful pair, freshly picked by myself.
Cherry Picking at Harrisville Orchards in Adelaide

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Banggood Summer Wishlist

We are in the middle of summer in Australia and while I loathe the extreme heat waves, I have to admit that I missed being able to go out in just a top and shorts or a dress without having to make sure I've got a jacket with me. Browsing through #Banggood#, I came across lovely pieces that can make summer even brighter.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Elegant and Practical Wedding Dresses (Feat. Cocomelody)

A lot of brides are choosing to be more practical when choosing their wedding dresses. When you've got your future (like a house or a family) to invest on, it's better to choose a wedding dress that doesn't cost your lifetime's savings. Fortunately, Cocomelody offers brides a more affordable but just as beautiful option. 

Here are my personal favorites from their selection of 2016 wedding dresses:

1. Sheer and laced back
     I always fall in love with dresses that have beautiful back details with a lot of romantic lace.