Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Rock Pool at Sellicks Beach

Well hello blog, it's been a while! I last took you with me as I visited the rock pools at Second Valley. Today, we're visiting another beach in South Australia with a perfectly Instagrammable "rock pool" at Sellicks Beach. Want to find out exactly where to find this location? Let's go!
Rock Pool at Sellicks Beach, South Australia
Rock Pool at Sellicks Beach, South Australia

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Rock Pools At Second Valley

South Australia's beaches are absolutely beautiful to say the least. Perhaps I shall make it a personal mission to visit each one. For today, let's visit an Instagram-favourite - Second Valley. It was my first time there and of course I was on the hunt for the most beautiful views. Don't you hate it when Instagrammers refuse to say where the exact location of where a photo was taken? Today, I'll show you exactly where to find these rock pools at Second Valley. 
Second Valley, South Australia rock pool

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Natureby Face Masks From Nice Skin Australia [REVIEW]

Happy 2019 everyone and I hope you're having a lovely start of the year. I personally think that everyone should include taking better care of yourself as part of your annual goals. For me, this includes giving myself pamper sessions with emphasis on skin care. The importance of moisturising is not lost on me and the more I age, the more I prioritise this. It's never too early to start! Whenever I can, I try to incorporate face masks into my weekly beauty routine. So read on as I share with you my thoughts on some of Natureby's mask sheets from