Tuesday, March 3, 2020

8 Things To Do In Queenstown, New Zealand

Planning our family trip for 2020 made me realise that I never got to blog about our Queenstown trip in New Zealand. That's a shame because Queenstown is absolutely beautiful and perhaps one of the most beautiful places you will ever get to visit. I believe some people visit New Zealand and stay in Queenstown only. Looking around Queenstown and around Lake Wakatipu makes you feel like you're in a postcard come to life. Every angle is picturesque. You could visit Queenstown and fulfil your thirst for adventure for the thrill-seekers, or take a much slower pace for the lovers. As for us, we were here as a family for our annual siblings-trip so this is a family-friendly itinerary. Read on to get some ideas on what to do on your Queenstown trip.