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I'm Jeanne, a Filo gal of Chinese descent, born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. I recently moved to Adelaide, Australia and I'm currently on an exciting journey in life here - meeting new friends, getting my life together, and discovering my new home. Life has been nothing short of an exciting adventure ever since.

Jeannie in a Bottle is a lifestyle blog that covers a range of topics that interest me. Mostly, I talk about fashion and travel. I have never been one to spend excessively when it is unnecessary. So expect to find budget-friendly travel tips and destinations here, as well as style posts that don't break the bank.

Follow along on my journey and enjoy the ride. :)

This blog is open for sponsorship and collaborations.
Contact me through:
Email - jeannechu88@gmail.com
Instagram - @jeannie_in.a.bottle 
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