A Love Letter To The Baby In My Belly [PLUS Beach Setting Maternity Photoshoot]

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A Love Letter To The Baby In My Belly
By Jeanne Lua

A love letter to the baby in my belly

I want you to know that when I first saw your heart beating, I knew you were a miracle only God could make.

That when I saw you fully formed and happily swimming in my tummy despite weeks of me being so sick with nausea and vomiting and losing so much weight, I knew that you are such a fighter - and you're going to be tougher than I am.. but for now, and for every moment that you will need me to, I will fight for you.

When I first felt you kicking, I wanted to share the joy with your dad but knew he wouldn't be able to feel you yet so the secret joy was yours and mine.
You were a little shy at first, you'd stop moving when your daddy would hold my belly, but you finally took pity on him and gave him a strong kick. You should have seen the shock and wonder on his face.
You finally started to listen to his voice and when you wanted to, you'd give him kicks and high fives when he'd ask you to. 
You already know it, don't you?
You've got him wrapped around your little fingers.

I want you to know that even when you got bigger and your movements would cause me to squirm and wince whenever you'd be kicking my ribs or pressing my pelvis or bladder, that I never found a single movement annoying. 
I savoured each one because they let me know that you're okay in there, and you're happy.
Beach Setting Maternity Photoshoot in South Australia

Beach Setting Maternity Photoshoot in South Australia

Nobody knew when you were dancing, but I knew.
You'd poke your little foot or knee out, you'd even stick your bum out - it shocked your daddy every time.
You're such a funny baby and I know you'll bring us so much joy when you come out.
Beach Setting Maternity Photoshoot in South Australia

Beach Setting Maternity Photoshoot in South Australia

You'd give every sonographer the most difficult time every time I have a scan.
You don't like to be told what to do, do you?
Stubborn and strong-willed already, just like your mama.
Oh the mischief we'll get into together will leave your daddy scratching his head.
We can't wait to meet you. But for now.....
Beach Setting Maternity Photoshoot in South Australia

I'll savour every moment when it's just you and I.
Every time you start to dance in my belly whenever I say, "let's have ice cream!"
Every moment you deform my tummy into the funniest shapes.
Every moment where I know that wherever I go, you're with me.
Are you listening to my heart beating, baby?
It beats for you.

I am always so particular when it comes to photoshoots for moments that are significant in my life. I'm happy that our friend and photographer, Vinnie, was able to capture these photos the way I wanted them to turn out. Classy, dreamy, love-filled moments by the beautiful beach is what I was going for and he achieved them. Thanks, Vinnie!
Photography: Vinnie Miranda Photography (Facebook) / Vinnie Miranda Website
Hair and Makeup Artist/Stylist: Shine Mausisa (ever so talented!)
Location: Aldinga Beach, South Australia

Beach Setting Maternity Photoshoot in South Australia


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  1. I follow you on gfc # 134 , follow back?


  2. Beautiful words and photos too. Something to cherish and share with your little one as they grow up xx


  3. Very beautiful :)


  4. Omg so sweet hun!
    Xo Nina

  5. What beautiful photos and words for your much loved little baby! You look great, you are glowing!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  6. This is so nice, you look so lovely.

  7. Omg this letter! So sweet and brought me tears!


  8. Oh sorry you had so much morning sickness glad it passed. Does not sound fun but will be worth it in the end. What a lovely post, such a nice keepsake you will be able to look back. And Vinnie did a great job with the photos. And soon, soon...

    Allie of

  9. Your maternity photos are absolutely lovely! What a special bond between you and your baby. Your child is so lucky to have you! <3


  10. Beautiful letter... so emotional!


  11. These photos are so beautiful. You must be so excited. I always felt that time really slowed down towards the end of my pregnancies.

    Deneale | Goldfields Girl

  12. This is so beautiful and you look amazing darling.


  13. This is such a beautiful and emotional letter, I started cry while I reading it. Photos are perfect, thank you so much for sharing.

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    Have a wonderful day! xx

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  19. This is such a beautiful love letter! Congratulations to you and your family! All of these photos are so beautiful, as well! :)


  20. congratulation for you and I'm happy when I'm hear your pregnant :)


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