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Gender Reveal: Using Eggs Filled With Paint

The story behind our Gender Reveal is that we didn't actually intend on having a gender reveal party until our scan just happened to be scheduled a couple days before my husband's birthday party. And so we thought the timing was too perfect to waste. My husband had the awesome idea of putting paint in water balloons and having me throw them at his shirt. When I asked one of my best gals Shine if she could execute it, she suggested eggs instead - it turned out to be absolute genius!
Gender Reveal Using Eggs Filled With Paint
Gender Reveal Using Eggs Filled With Paint

How A Gender Reveal Works

Typically, the couple attends the morphology scan and asks the sonographer not to tell them what the gender is and instead, write it down in a sealed envelope. The sealed envelope then goes to the trusted person who executes the gender reveal. While some couples opt to know the gender and surprise their family/friends instead, we wanted to be surprised. We only really waited 2 days to find out but we were so so excited!! Check out my husband's excited face!

We didn't inform our friends beforehand that we were having the gender reveal on that day as I didn't want there to be any confusion - this was not a baby shower. It was a birthday party for my husband. We just happened to sneak in a gender reveal too so it was a surprise for our closest friends and we could all share in the surprise of finally finding out what our baby's gender is. We had a simple pizza and chicken wings party as a relaxed hangout at home. And then our friend, Margaux, who so kindly agreed to host the reveal, asked everyone to head to the garage where we had a simple backdrop set up. 

To keep everyone occupied while we went to quickly change clothes, we got our friends to vote whether they thought our baby would be a girl or a boy. You can see most people guessed 'boy'. My husband and I were truly expecting a boy just because so many old wives' tales pointed to me having a boy - such as the shape of my belly.

How To Create The Eggs With The Paint and How Much This Gender Reveal Cost

All in all, the decor (buntings, backdrop, pompoms, balloons for my husband's birthday party decor, paint and eggs included) cost us $40. Decor were bought from Kmart Australia. To create these beautiful golden eggs, Shine used a syringe with a needle to suck the contents of the eggs out then allowed them to dry. She then used a syringe to replace the eggs' content with paint, and then sealed the holes with the use of a glue gun and glue stick. As a finishing touch, she painted the eggs and the box gold. Voila! The golden eggs. Some of the eggs contained white paint as a decoy, while some contained the actual colour that would reveal the baby's gender.

The first egg we cracked contained white paint. It started to become a little messy which made it all the more fun. The photos and videos of ourselves and our friends with the largest grins and laughs just showed how fun and happy this occasion was and I just absolutely loved this day!

It's a GIRL!!! And while we both expected a boy, my husband has ALWAYS wanted a baby girl and the happiness on his face was just so absolutely priceless.

I asked our friends to bring out his birthday cakes after the reveal. His two closest guy friends brought the cakes out and we all sang 'Happy Birthday'.

I can't even begin to thank our friends enough. While we always appreciate our friends who have showered us with so much love and kindness, we felt the love even more on this day. I can't enumerate all of you in this post, but you know who you are and we love you guys so much!

After the gender reveal, Kenny wanted to frame his shirt which I thought was a perfect idea. So we bought the frame and added a card and it turned out oh so pretty! If you look closely, you can even still see some egg shells on the shirt which I think makes it even more special.

I remember how happy my husband was on this day. And as we lay down in bed before sleeping that night, I know he already loves his baby girl so much.


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