Love At The Top

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A week before Valentine's and we still didn't know where we were headed. A friend suggested that we try Castle Peak hotel's Love At The Top promo and since all the other restos I wanted to go to for Valentines were already full, I figured, why not? I'm not a crazy one to go out on the eve of Valentines without a reservation.

It was P699/head for the Love At The Top dinner at the rooftop. Almost backed out since you had to pay for the reservation and email a copy of the proof of payment beforehand. Hassle. On the actual day however, we found that there were a lot of walk-ins and there was more than enough room to accommodate them. Oh well.

They had two schedules: 6:00-7:30 PM and 8:00-9:30 PM. We chose the earlier schedule of course. We got there an hour early since we had nothing else planned. And I needed a lot of distraction since I was feeling quite depressed as my younger brother left the country earlier that day.

We got to enjoy the view and take OOTDs and selfies with not many people there to watch!

Dress from Oxygen, Shoes from So Fab

Bought this dress on New Year's Day with Valentines in mind. Haha. So happy to have found it on sale. :)

And cheesy couple selfies. It is Valentines, after all. <3

These chairs light up at night. Cool.

Then they seated us according to ticket number. We were all the way up front. The closet to the acoustic band playing a lot of good old love songs from the '90s and early 2000s. LOVE. :)

They also gave each guy a long-stemmed rose to give to their Valentine.
My Valentino.
And of course, buffet dinner was ready to be attacked.
I found the battery-operated candle cute - romantic setting in a non-fire hazard kinda way. Lol.
The food wasn't so great but wasn't bad either. It was okay.

They also had a raffle draw where there would be 2 winners. We didn't win though. Aaww.

We hung out at the balcony area after 7:30 PM. Well of course they won't ask you to leave when your schedule is over, right?

The setting was chill, nice and cozy enough for a comfy, quiet moment with the boyfriend. :)

And ooh, we got another souvenir too!

I love photobooths!

I wouldn't say it's the best Valentine destination in town, but it wasn't bad. Still got to appreciate the whole package. But then, anywhere is fine when you're with the love of your life. You didn't think I would end this post without saying something cheesy, right? ;)

I've told him a few times that he doesn't have to get me an expensive bouquet of flowers every time. I know how expensive they can get and they just die. :( But like any girl, I still get this silly grin every time he's walking towards me with flowers in hand. (Why are girls like that? Haha)

It's the first time that he got me a single long-stemmed rose though. And this fat, pink rose, looked just as beautiful to me. :)
Love. Hope. And new beginnings.

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