Creperie Paris in Cebu

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Found out about this new place in Cebu that supposedly makes "authentic" crepes. And since the restaurant we were supposed to go to was jam-packed that night, I grabbed the opportunity to drag our friends along in my hunt for Creperie Paris.

It was easy enough to find. I gave our friends this direction and they found it easy to understand: If you're coming from Capitol, take the road that passes by Coco Mall (building with Red Ribbon). Instead of turning right to Baseline, turn left. Keep looking at the left side and you can find Creperie Paris along the corner.

And there it was. A quaint little place with a mini Eiffel tower. Had enough parking for about 8 cars and could probably only seat 4-6 groups of people.

You can watch the chef creating your crepe through the glass window. I'd guess that the chef was also the owner of the place. Our friends joked that that's probably the reason why the crepe was "authentic" - because a French guy made it. Lol.

The boyfriend and I shared a salted caramel crepe with Nutella. It was okay. Then after about a bite each, we thought of adding ice cream. A scoop of vanilla ice cream cost about P20-25. And boy, the salted caramel + Nutella + vanilla ice cream crepe was reaaallyy good. I'm not really a crepe fan - they cost way too much for something so thin and doesn't really taste that great but yes, I can say that this one tasted good.
Until the next food trip, au revoir. ;)

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