Cebu: Caffe Dara and Cafe Talk

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Cebu is now full of Korean cafes and I'm no stranger to them. I've already written about Cafe Tiala and Cafe Noriter and even though I didn't particularly find those experiences exceptional, I somehow found myself hanging out with friends in two more Korean cafes. The cute ambiance they always come with somehow lures you in effectively.

First up, Caffe Dara. Located in Lahug's restaurant filled area, simply enter the corner where Pizza Republic is located and turn left in the next corner, and you'll find this cozy and tiny cafe. Unfortunately, only one car can park in front of the cafe. Otherwise, you'll have to park in the streets a block away.

Cafe Dara: fried gyoza, spicy noodles, cheese noodles, cookie caramel and choco dara
We ordered fried gyoza (P150 for 10 pieces) to share and choco dara (P120) and cookie caramel (P160) for our drinks which were good. Then we ordered spicy noodles (P120) and cheese noodles (P150). The cheese noodles appeared to be the exact same noodles except they added a chunk of cheese as you can see in the photo. To be perfectly honest, these tasted like instant Korean noodles with maybe egg added. They probably were as we saw a box of instant noodles around.. so these tasted fine but ordinary. Also, our chopsticks had "Korean Air" engraved on them.. Eerrrmmm.. why..? Lol! Overall, I'd say Cafe Dara was alright.

Next, let's talk about Cafe Talk, located on the Escario road - you can't miss the lighted balcony because of it's attractive architecture. There was enough parking space for maybe 3 cars at the side of the building. I ordered this sort of brownie a la mode which was about the only good thing that we ordered. The brownie tasted like it came from S&R with vanilla ice cream on top so yes, it was yummy. Too expensive for the size but at least it tasted good. Unfortunately, my 3 other friends were incredibly disappointed with their drinks. My boyfriend ordered chocolate macadamia which tasted like water with sugar. :( I also noticed that the people at the tables next to us all left with their food unfinished - like pasta with the plate half full.
Cafe Talk

Out of all the Korean cafes I've been to though, Cafe Talk is the one with the best ambiance, architecture and interior design - without all those dirty post-its too. Unfortunately, it also had the most disappointing menu. :( 

Needless to say, I'm definitely tired of Korean cafes now. Korean restaurants on the other hand, serve really delicious dishes in Cebu so I think I'll stick with those.
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  1. Love your outfit!!! :)

    Kisses. Andrea

  2. You guys look great nice place to hang put.

  3. couldn't find your gfc list.. following u via email
    Thanks for following me :)

    Keep in touch

  4. That food sure looks delicious! Love your outfit.


  5. Cool place! And everything looks so yummy! The noodles, the fancy presentation of the dessert... You look so adorable <3

  6. The food looks so so nice. I am kind of jealous that we don't have many places like this in Ireland. I hope you had fun.

  7. Aw boo. I love Korean cafes! There's so many of them though. Don't lose hope!

    Maggie S.

  8. Lovely photos. That cafe looks so cute :)

  9. I remember a bunch of my friends visited cebu from Korea and they told me about all of the Korean cafes and tourist destinations while they were there. The cafe you went to looks awesome and the food looks great. Hope you had a lovely time!


  10. hahah I can't believe that the first cafe you went to was using instant noodles and Korea Air brand chopsticks. I guess the food looked better than it tasted! Also the dessert in the next photo looks amazing!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  11. Looks like a really great cafe! It reminds me of the places I see in Jakarta!
    Melanie @

  12. Thanks for sharing these unique cafes! The food looks delicious. :)

  13. Your outfit looks great ! I always find it hard to take pictures at night but yours looked awesome ! And also.. that brownie looks perfect.. hahaha

  14. What a cute look! I wish there was a cafe like this in New York!

  15. Time check: 4:10 am and I am craving for some good food right now and I am blaming you for posting mouth watering blog entry. :)

    Now following you on Bloglovin, girl. I hope you can do the same. ;)
    -FOXMYSTYLE - Men's Fashion and Design Blog

    1. Oh I am sorry. I just hit the follow button, Dear. :) Let us stay connected.

  16. I'm sorry to hear about the bad food! I loathe having to pay a dime for cafes just because they look cute, I'd rather have the food to be spectacular and pay for good food plus a clean setting minus all that 'pretty' things. Your necklace is lovely =) xx

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW

  17. Love the photos! The food looks delicious! Kisses


  18. OMG Jeannie! You are super cute! I want to go and travel with you! Love the food I see and everything you ordered... Everything seems so good and you like always, looking beautiful and so happy. Love your outfit very much. Blessings! xoxo, Jeannette

  19. Hey Jeanne we love your blog and have nominated you for the liebster award ! Click here for more! We can't wait to see your liebster award post! Congrats !

    Only The Brave Blog

  20. Look like it's a great location and you had a wonderful time! Very fun pictures and everything look yummy :)

  21. This place looks so cute.. Too bad about the noodles, that's disappointing. Great picture outside the shop! Thanks for the blog visit to my blog recently, and for leaving a comment. I will follow you from now on through G+ and Bloglovin :)) Hope you will follow me back as well!


  22. Very cute outfit and lovely pics of you ladies. Ummm I'm getting hungry just looking at your foods pic. Lol love those noodles.

  23. Lovely photos and post! :)

  24. Seem to be really nice places!!! Yummi yummy :)))


  25. Sorry to hear it was a disappointment. The brownie looks great, though.

    Bella Pummarola

  26. The dessert looks so yummy. xx

  27. looks like so much fun
    nice meal

  28. The food looks yummie and I love your shirt!

  29. I didn't know about Caffe Dara so maybe my boyf and I should try soon too. Hehe. And about cafe talk, though I haven't been to the Escario branch, I have the same sentiments as well. I tried Cafe talk in Lapu-Lapu and we were disappointed with their food as well. never coming back. Mahal pa gyud. Haha

    Just found your blog! Hope we keep in touch! xo


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