Cupcake Craze

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Cupcakes have been around for a long, long time. But it seems like it's only recently that people are once again going crazy for cupcakes. And red velvet cupcakes are what people are obsessing about lately. After tasting my 1st red velvet cupcake, I was like WHY are people crazy about these? That was BEFORE I tasted the red velvet cupcake from Leona. Cuhrayyzeee goooodd! It took all the self-control to not eat the whole thing (I wanted to share the big cupcake with my brother).
 And a big thank you to Val for giving me these goodies. Yuumm!! :)

Recently, another new cupcake place opened in Banawa (very convenient location for me), called CupcaKen. The red velvet cupcake there was okay, but it was pretty ordinary. The mango cupcake was a big disappointment. =l But we did find a really good cupcake there..
 CupcaKen w/ my Kenny ;)

The ChocoHazelnut cupcake was reeaallyy good. With Nutella. Easily became Kenny's favorite. Gotta say it's my #2. :) #1 still goes to Leona's red velvet cupcake.

ENJOY. Life is SWEET. <3

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