Matchy Magnum Sunday

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I love Sundays. It's my only day off from work and it's usually a very laid back day that I get to spend chilling at home w/ the boyf, watching a movie and eating junk food. :)

To start off a regular Sunday, gotta go to church of course! Sunday is the only day I have to get up early in the morning during the week, so no matter what time I get to bed on Saturday night, gotta get up on time for church on Sunday.

Val & I were wearing the same color pattern today so I just had to get a picture taken. :) I just love black & white/monochromatic combinations. It's probably my fave color combination. ;)

After church, decided to stop by a grocery shop to buy snacks and Magnum ice cream. Just to kill the curiosity and find out what the hype is all about. Here's a picture of my 2 boys sporting tops that I picked out for them: =D
Nyahaha. ;)

 Yep, joined the Magnum craze alright. Kenny got the Chocolate Truffle one while I got one in Almond. It was yummy, of course. Nothing extremely special like the exaggerated promotions make it out to be. But ice cream is ice cream, and chocolate is chocolate and chocolate ice cream is simply an instant mood booster. So join in the fun. :))

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