Mint Condition

by - 11:57 PM

Realized that this is just my 2nd blog post for the year and only my 8th post since this blog's conception. Thankfully, the past year has been so fun that I don't have time to get bored and come up with a post. Or has it just been boring that I don't have anything fun to blog about? A little bit of both, I'm sure. Cliche but really, life is a rollercoaster, a series of ups and downs.

I, for one, quite dislike the downs. Why can't life just be happy happy joy joy and colorful like rainbows?

Oh well. Here's a colorful photo I shot some months ago after I moved out of my old room and transferred to another:

Super happy to have gotten this sexy, feminine skirt on sale at Forever 21.

I'll miss the pretty colors of my old room but it was seriously way too hot since it seemed to be facing the direction of the sun's wrath. 

Till next time. :)

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