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Spent the past week planning an upcoming trip and realized how reading blogs has been so helpful to me. It's always nice to read from someone's personal experience because the input is just more raw and honest. So I thought I'd contribute to the world wide web's helpfulness by writing about my travel experiences too. First up, Danasan Eco Adventure Park.

With my siblings

It's about a 2-hour drive from Cebu City to Danao City and another hour to get to Brgy. Danasan where Danasan Eco Adventure Park is. We used google maps and GPS to get us there. There are also a lot of flags along the road that direct you to the park itself. They also offer transportation packages but it's much cheaper if you drive yourself there. Plus with the excitement, the trip towards the park won't feel very long.

Since we were only there for the day, we booked the cheapest air-conditioned room (P2,000) to house our stuff, a place to rest and change privately. And of course, we were there for the adventure. They charge you per adventure and since we were planning to go on quite a few of them, we chose the adventure package (P1,200 per person for 4 adventures).

Our adventures of choice:
1. ATV riding
Share the bike and split the time if you wanna save on the fee.
Now this was pretty easy and fun. We all hopped on our ATVs and followed the guide along the trail which goes up and down the road - you of course have full control on how fast (or how slow) you wanna go. It's a great start to your adventure-packed day because this gives you a mini tour of the park and gives you a glimpse of the other areas and other adventures they have in store for you.

After this, we decided to eat lunch first. They charge corkage if you bring your own food so we ate at their restaurant instead. The food was so-so and the price was at tourist-price. So I suggest you bring your own food if you want to save. Noticed other groups bringing food without being charged too. Oh well.

2. Trekking + Tyrolean
 Our ride to the next adventure.
The trek wasn't bad at all. Here we are, where the tyrolean adventure begins.
 They start you off with a zipline.
 Where you stop halfway.
 Then you shift your body, turn yourself around towards the other direction, lean back, and pull yourself towards the other side. And yes, that's why it's called the TYROLEAN. Cause you lean back, and pull on the tight rope. Get it, get it? Lol.
 I made it! I'm not one with a lot of upper arm strength. So if I can do it, so can you. ;) But if I had to tyrolean the whole way, that would be a different story..
3. Rappelling
I've tried rappelling only once before - in Cagayan down the tallest tree there. But that was a different story because manong guide controlled the ropes - how fast I would go down and would stop from time to time and all I did was hang tight and scream.

This time though, was down a waterfall and I had to do all the controlling. Have NO idea how I did it.
They teach you to lean your weight back, take one step at a time down, and push the rope to bring yourself further down. This one required arm strength to control the rope, and balance. My foot slipped a couple of times. This happens. Don't panic.
It's funny cause I think I only got scared and momentarily panicked when I got to the bottom part where the water was already splashing my face. But all it took was a couple of steps and I was done. Yey. :)

By the time we finished this, it was almost time to go. We wanted to leave the place early enough so that we don't drive down the mountain in the darkness or get stuck in the city traffic during rush hour. But we couldn't resist going on one more adventure.

4. Spelunking/Caving
We chose to go on the easy route since one, we were short of time and two, we had a 10-year-old with us.
 Before you go into the cave, check if the flashlight on your helmet works. It's completely dark inside so the flashlight is essential.
 If you have a waterproof camera, use it. Or at least wrap your camera in one of those airtight water-proofing things.
 Did not expect to go caving so manong guide was kind enough to wrap my Nikon digicam in an ordinary plastic and take our pictures. Woohoo to my Nikon digicam! Love it.
Maintain poise. Even while spelunking. :))
After this, we hurriedly changed and drove back to the city. The drive home was torture. We were already tired and we got stuck in traffic. Took us around 4 hours to get to J Centre Mall where we had dinner.

So here's my tips for you:
1. Bring water. It's important to stay hydrated.
2. Bring your own food.
3. Stay overnight instead of just a day trip.
4. Go on all the adventures. YOLO! :)

There you have it. They have more adventures to choose from. Like horse-back riding, a rope course, a longer zipline, and the adventure I sooooo wanted to go on but didn't have time to do -- wake boarding. Someday.. :)

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