Hello, 2014.

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Already the 5th day of the year but it's only now that I had the time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new one.

Perhaps I've been unconsciously putting it off because 2013 was so good to me, and quite a handful of life-altering changes await me this 2014. Sudden, large changes scare me a little.

When I was much2x younger, I used to come up with new year's resolutions. Got over that. And then I changed my end of the year habit and opted to do some reflections, and listed down goals I wanted to achieve. Can't remember the last time I did that. Where have the years gone?

Now, I sorta just clean out my closet, give away the stuff I no longer use so I have more closet space for new ones.. Then I clean my room and change my bed sheets. Must be some psychological reasoning of getting rid of the past year's negativity and greeting the new year with a clean start. Is that weird?

So anywaaayy, this time, I'd like to go back to creating lists. Lists just make me feel like my thoughts are being organized and I just looove the feeling when checking things off them - like I've accomplished something. That - plus some occasional bursts of quarter life crisis - and I think I'll come up with a list this year. Not necessarily things that I want to accomplish within this year - but rather, things I want to accomplish before I'm 30. At 25, I still feel so extremely youthful, but obviously, I'm halfway to that big three-oh.

But particularly for this year, I'll start with:
1. Blog at least once a month.

Like I said, this year, a handful of life-altering changes await me. I used to write all the time. In elementary, in my own free time, in high school, in the university magazine.. I don't even know why I created this blog in 2012 but have only written 9 posts so far.

Well blog, keep me sane this 2014.

Ending this wordy post with a New Years' outfit post:

Top from Oxygen, necklace from Accessorize, skirt from Forever 21, shoes from So Fab
We were given the day to wear anything with polka dots at work, so yeyy for getting out of my uniform.

Happy new year. Hello, 2014. :)

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