Ice Giants in Cebu

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It's been a while since I dragged the boyfriend to some new restaurant in Cebu I read about online. Probably for most of 2012, I'd ask him to google the location of the new resto I wanna go to. (I suck at directions.)

This time though, when faced with the, "Where will go?" question, he surprisingly said, "Ice Giants."

Ice Giants, I read online, is a Davao-based snacks and desserts place with 3 branches in Davao, and now they're in Cebu.

So we drove off and I got confused since it seemed to me that he was taking the wrong route. I was sure I saw an "Ice Giants" in Times Square (that new place behind Parkmall). Apparently, they opened 2 branches! And the one we went to was located at The Strip, near Capitol and Cebu Doctors' University Hospital.

Ice Giants, The Strip branch

We had dinner beforehand because we thought it was just a desserts place. Turns out, they offer so much more. Wish I had the hungarian for dinner. Next time.

Waiters in sailor costumes.
So here's what we got for ourselves:
Left: Halo-halo; Right: Berry Best
He got the halo-halo because he looves halo-halo. He said he didn't like the ube and the fact that it had no leche flan but that he fell in love with the soft ice. It's not like those other halo-halos where you basically have to crush the ice and it makes that crunchy noise when you're mixing it all together. The ice was the soft and melts-in-your-mouth kind.

Now on to my choice. I got the Berry Best and boy, was it the berry best! Pun intended.

Felt like it was worth the price. Can't quite remember how much it cost but it was definitely between P100-200. Sorry, bad blogger.

It had strawberry ice cream, real strawberries, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, condensed milk and a cherry on top. Definitely not for the diet freaks. Yummyyyyy. Happy kid. :)

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