A Cozy Day at Cafe Noriter

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Hello, February.

So far so good for my goal of writing a blog post at least once a month. Life is coming at me from all directions and yes, I do tend to overthink so I think that taking a step back and focusing my mind on writing about one thing for a blog post will do me good. A good kind of distraction from life's serious matters and abundant supply of questions.

Topic of the day: Cafe Noriter on a cozy day. Late post obviously, since today seemed to be the start of a hot hot summer and the cozy days are over. Going back..

This place has been featured on everyone's Instagram posts and it took me long enough to finally get to try the place out. There always seems to be a line waiting. Other than the cute Instagram-worthy ambiance, what is it about this place?

It has a cute tree house concept which allows you to just chill and hangout. I wonder how they keep the place clean? Uhm, they should throw away the old torn post-its and perhaps repaint the walls from time to time.. I mean there's art and cute notes, and then there's vandalism. Just saying.
Was getting a little hungry so we ordered the ciabatta and I got the choco latte for my drink. Good and yummy but waayy too overpriced. Oh well. These days you pay for the ambiance I guess.

Finally got to wear this denim top since it was unusually cold that day. So I chose to go denim on denim. I can still remember that cozy feeling. :)

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