26, The Age To Make Life-changing Decisions

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It is perfectly normal and expected for people to grow up and move on and take the next step in life.

But I still find it stunning how one after the other, my peers have resigned from their jobs, embarked on a new career, moved to a different country or got engaged. It appears 26 is the age to make huge, life-changing decisions.

Personally, I think this is because we underwent the so-called "quarter life crisis" the previous year(s). At 25, we've asked ourselves so many troubling (the trouble was probably self-inflicted) questions such as, "Should I keep working at this company forever?", "Is now the time to get married?", "Where is my place in this world?", "What career should I pursue that will support me and my family in the long run?"

Perhaps in the midst of dwelling on whatever dilemma we've placed upon ourselves, we discover some answers. And after the answers, we formulate plans. Then at 26, we're ready to take that giant leap of faith.

But if you still feel lost, don't worry. Life is filled with endless discoveries. God will reveal His plan for you in His perfect time. It's always amazing to see how everything works out just as they should. :)
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