Cebu: Pizza Republic

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I fear that all other pizza has lost a little sparkle for me now that Pizza Republic is here. I think that I could even go as far as to say that it may possibly be the best pizza I've ever tasted.

Unfortunately, Cebu is still so extremely hyped up about it that I don't think I'll be visiting again anytime soon. I braved the crazy long line twice already. And that was before they even had a grand opening. Talk about a very successful start. Will definitely visit again sometime though. Maybe at an unusual hour so that there's less people.

The first time I went there, I chose the pre-mixed Diavola (left pizza in photo below). It was soooo delicious that I was able to finish the whole pizza by myself.
The second time, I went ahead and made my own pizza. The line was so long that we had time to play with their ipad which was stationed for selfies.
Then it was time to assemble our pizzas! I couldn't decide whether to get red or white sauce so I got both - half and half. Really couldn't tell them apart once cooked though.
I got ham, hungarian, frankfurter, mushrooms, tomato, chili flakes, green pepper, tuna (wasn't bad really), onions and lots of mozzarella. Ta-daaaa!!!
It was still very delicious. May not have been as hungry as the first time I went there since I couldn't finish the whole pizza - or maybe my concoction wasn't as good as the pre-mixed one. Lol! It was very yummy nonetheless. I think with their pizza, you can't go wrong. For P245 per pizza, drinks not included, yes it's more pricey than the usual (pizza is thin crust and not really that big), Pizza Republic is more than worth it. Definitely lived up to the hype!
Top - Monki, Shorts - Forever 21, plaid polo and shoes - Cotton On
We dropped by Serenitea afterwards - still my favorite milk tea place! And for this food binge session, I dressed appropriately lazy - top, shorts, flats. Since the shorts was a bit too short, threw on a plaid polo to cover up a little.

We will meet again, Pizza Republic. ;)

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