Met Ramos, Veinticinco

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A few months ago, a friend of ours, Met Ramos, threw a photo exhibition to celebrate 25 years of existence and her talent in photography. The photos, displayed on sintra boards, were not for sale and were for display only. The best thing about the event was that although it was created to celebrate Met Ramos, she made sure that the event pointed to God instead. The program included prayers and special praise song numbers from her friends and church choir. May God bless her even more. <3

The event was held at the Henry Hotel, in Banilad, Cebu City, which was the perfect venue for an event like this. The Henry Hotel is known for its quirky, artsy interior, with the hallways decorated with so much personality and each room having a different design. The food was catered by Rica's (restaurant below the hotel), and it was superb - again, perfect for the event.
And of course, there HAD to be a photobooth!


And surprise surprise, there were photos of us too!

Dress - old; Clutch - Forever 21, Shoes - Barbie by Shubizz
Chose this time as an opportunity to reuse this one-shouldered dress that's been hiding away unused in my closet since my college graduation. Still fits! I feel like I even fill out the dress better now. Don't mind the belly though. :))

Congratulations again, Met!


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  1. Wow stunning pics! You look absolutely amazing! Great style!
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  2. Looks like you had a great time. Beautiful pics. You look stunning and so elegant. Beautiful dress. Amazing clutch!

  3. I absolutely love your dress, you look so beautiful!

    X Sara

  4. You look beautiful on the dress! I don't even notice your belly till you say it haha


  5. Love all your photos, it looks like you had a great time!
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  6. I like your dress, you look great.


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