Sandboarding at La Paz Sand Dunes

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On the last day of our Ilocos adventure, we got up at 6 AM and went straight to La Paz Sand Dunes. I've read that the best time to go on this adventure is at 6-10 AM or after 4 PM so that the sun is not too scorching hot.

Although I've seen photos of this place, I couldn't really imagine how the Philippines would have sand dunes as I had never before seen anything like it. According to our guide, this place looks like a desert during summer, with no greenery as it would then be too hot for plants to thrive. To me, the sand looked more like soil (as I'm used to white/yellow sand in beaches) except the sand was so soft and and fine and it doesn't really stick to your skin or clothes as much as normal sand does.
Although ATV riding isn't really something new to us, we still availed of this additional activity. Driving the ATV around what was seemingly endless land of sand hills gives you a sort of thrill and also a slight fear of getting lost. You can split the fee and alternate and divide the time amongst you to save a little.
We then went on the 4x4 ride experience. It's P1,500 for 30 minutes and P2,500 for an hour. Thirty minutes is DEFINITELY more than enough for the faint at heart. They only allow a maximum of 4 people per ride now. They used to allow up to 7 and that must have been crazy. Four people even seemed too cramped.

When I first booked this trip with J2F Travel and Tours, I didn't really get why you have to pay a fee to ride a 4x4 - sounded too simple to me. Apparently, this ride is like a rollercoaster. You stand up at the jeep's back and hold on for dear life while the driver speedily swerves and drifts and drives up and down the sand hills while seemingly not knowing how to step on the brakes. We were scared but decided to go for a second ride after the first 30 minutes, and this time we asked for a semi-extreme ride. My neck and arms were terribly sore the next day. In fact, they didn't feel just sore, they felt painfully inflamed. Worth it though!

Once you pay for the 4x4 ride, you also automatically get free sandboarding.
Forever 21 muscle tee and sports bra

You can opt to sit on the board - which I did on my first try and again on the more difficult slope. And when you're ready, you can stand on the board and try to keep your balance as you slide down. The sand is soooo soft that if you fall, it's quite painless, not at all like when you fall in water.

My friends cheered me on as I slid down the slope quite perfectly.. up until I did a perfect face plant at the end. What a TASTE of adventure. Literally! :D

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