What To Do When You Have Spare Time in Manila

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Booking cheap, promo flights mean you can't really be choosy with flight schedules. Our flight from Cebu to Manila was 8:30 AM while our Manila to Laoag flight was at 7 PM which gave us approximately 6 hours free (when you deduct the time that we're supposed to be back at the airport). It was the same story during the travel going home. So we chose to spend the time at the closest big mall, SM Mall of Asia.

Of course, we had to:
1. dine in a restaurant that hasn't invaded Cebu yet. So we were able to satisfy Kenny's craving for authentic Japanese ramen at Ramen Nagi. It seems they only have 4 choices of ramen - but these are customizable as you can fill up the checklist according to your preference. Since I love spicy food, I chose the Red King ramen and since I'm no ramen expert, opted to only check "beef" then the rest would be according to the "chef's recommendation." It was delicious. Expensive, but delicious. It's a big bowl too, so you won't go hungry. Had a taste of my friend's black ramen and uuuhhh.. it was just a little too weird and salty for me.

2. have dessert even though we were pretty full from lunch. And again, opted for something that hasn't reached Cebu's shores yet: Dairy Queen! You know how they flip the Blizzard when they hand it to you to show you how it's so creamy that it won't drip down? Apparently, that has a time limit. Lol! Obviously should've known that and the fail ice-cream-dripping-down photo below shouldn't have happened but it did. :))
Kimono from @naaaked, Cami and Jeans from Forever 21
 3. watch a movie. Movie of choice was: Guardians of the Galaxy. Lol. Not really my type but I loved how the main star was nerdy and funny. That dancing part has got to be my favorite part.

4. shop! Finallyyyy able to visit Cotton On again. I love how their shoes are so comfy and affordable! Terranova was on crazy sale too. Everything from P149-549. Sweet.

5. play at the arcade. This was both a waste of money and a really fun way to relive childhood. Lol.

6. get a massage. Photo below was actually taken at the Laoag airport but you get the point.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the airport for our flight to our adventure destination - Laoag City, Ilocos! Stay tuned. ;)

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