Calle Crisologo, Vigan

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I've seen so many photos of this beautiful place and so I knew that I wanted to catch sunset here as the lighting would make the photos even more beautiful.

But the weather wasn't cooperating, it was a rainy, gloomy day, and we were too tired to stand and wait as we had already spent the day exploring Fort Ilocandia, and other Laoag and Vigan stopovers
(thanks to J2F Ilocos Escapades for organizing our trip).

You KNOW once you have reached Heritage Village and Calle Crisologo as there's no other area quite like it. It was quite amusing to spot modern/new franchises like Mang Inasal and Max's Restaurant redesigned to fit into this street. All the buildings here are not allowed to exceed two stories high and they must all have the Filipino olden times feel.

No cars are allowed at this point and you can either walk or ride a calesa (horse-drawn carriage). We chose to walk, of course.
 You can find coffee shops and restaurants but mostly you will find rows and rows of souvenir shops.

Check out the miniature furniture set that my friend bought.

Top - Forever 21, Skort - Vetus Shop, Shoes - Cotton On, Bag - Pull & Bear
We decided to have our dinner here and opted to dine in the well-recommended Cafe Leona. The waiter informed us that each dish is good for 3-4 people so we ended up miscalculating and over ordering since the dishes were actually bigger than we expected. The food was alright. Unfortunately, coming from Cebu (where your taste buds can party at the endless delicious food choices and mouth-watering Cebu specialties), none of the Ilocos dishes impressed us very much. :( Also, Cafe Leona's iced tea pitcher was a bit dirty - you know how dirt accumulates at the mouth of the pitcher and turns black when you don't pay attention to cleaning it? Yeah, that.

The interior was really cool though. Worth the experience to be able to dine in Vigan.

Vigan, you're beautiful. :)

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