Bangui Windmills, Hannah's Pagudpud Beach

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We had a glimpse of what the Ilocos windmills look like when we went to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation but the actual Bangui Windmills look much bigger and more awesome.

Forever 21 top, SM GTW scallop shorts, People are People sandals

You can watch the windmills turning. According to our Kuya John of our travel agency, J2F Travel and Tours, if they stop turning, it means that they are already fully charged.

Once we had our fill of enjoying the view and taking photos (not really much to do here other than that) and buying souvenirs, we drove to Hannah's Pagudpud Beach for lunch.

The food here was a bit expensive but it actually tasted quite good. Except for the fact that there seemed to be a lot of flies and the waiter had to stand over us to TRY and ward them off. Didn't work.

The weather was gloomy and quite windy. Activities like surf lessons and zipline (looked very long and scary) were not allowed for safety reasons. We didn't feel like swimming although the beach looked good and the sand was very soft on our feet. If we did, we'd have had to rent out a cottage at again, overpriced fees.

However, we had nothing left on our itinerary for the day as the time was supposed to be dedicated to swimming. We decided to pay the P100/person entrance fee for Hannah's Resort.

The resort was larger than we expected. They had large statues of random cartoon characters like Shrek, Avatar, and imitations of The Mummy, etc. All I could think of was that the owner of Hannah's must be a kid at heart who now wants big toys. Haha. We crossed a hanging bridge and spent the rest of the time sitting around and relaxing.

I wouldn't have minded swimming in this pool overlooking this view. But you'd have to pay an additional P200/person and the pool was too small to share with the other guests who started to arrive. Oh well, maybe I'll finally get to go swimming on my next trip. :)

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