4 Kmart Toys That Will Entertain Your 3 to 5-month-old Baby

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I’m just like any other mum – a mum who’s on a budget but still wants amazing stuff for her baby (toys included), and thus, a die-hard Kmart fan. Before becoming a mum, I was already a Kmart fan because really, fun, cute, cheap – yes, please! Now that I have a bub to entertain, yes yes yes, Kmart, please!

With all the expenses that having a baby entails, you just really got to look at your budget. If I’m already spending on car seats and prams and feeding equipment, I’d like for the toys expenses to be kept low-key. You know your baby is going to outgrow or get tired of her toys in no time so affordability is a must.

When I look for toys, I like to ensure that they are affordable, fun, but also educational. To babies, everything is new and everything is fun to explore. They are just discovering the world and things such as sounds, colours, and patterns can instantly entertain them and stimulate their brains. If I can choose a toy that will also help my baby along with her learning, then I would always choose to do so. Today I’m sharing with your four toys that are not only affordable (read: super cheap), simple, but also highly educational for your 3 to 5-month-old baby.

Rubber Duck

What household with a baby does not have a rubber duck? Essentially, “rubbadub duck” and “ducky” are part of any parent’s vocabulary. When my baby was only a newborn, I would show her rattles, her play gym, simple black and white patterned picture books, but not of these interested her. She always preferred faces and loved when we would converse with her face-to-face. Of course, as her vision improved, she slowly noticed her environment. It’s funny because no cute or fancy toy caught her eye but one day, she noticed the rubber duck sitting on the bathroom sink.

This rubber duck only cost $1.50 and it was the first and only toy that she liked at the time. Of course it would be the simplest and cheapest toy that would catch your child’s eye. Anyway, placing the rubber duck near her would prompt her to reach out which in turn enhances her motor skills. The rubber duck would also produce a squeaking sound when squeezed which puts an amazed look on her face.

Once she became interested in the duck, we started to include it during her bath time. She’s always loved baths but having ducky with her means tons of kicking and reaching out for ducky. This makes it more difficult for the parent bathing her but heaps more fun for baby and that’s what’s more important.

I wanted a simple ball for her so we went out and bought her this one from Kmart which only cost $5. It didn’t really matter what design it was but this one has Disney princesses. We introduced it to her by playing on the mat with her with me holding her and her dad across us and we would roll the ball across to each other.

At around 3 months, Kaycey was already at a kicking frenzy – loving to kick and kick and kick just about everything. We were amazed at how much she loved the ball – she practically leapt off my lap to stand and kick the ball like a soccer player. She would grab it, push it with her hand, kick at it, and even use both legs simultaneously to stop the ball’s motion. Good job, baby girl!

I like to think that the ball introduced her to the world of physics – motion, acceleration, and gravity (what goes up must come down, like the ball boucing). Of course, this is a way too foreign concept for babies but seeing the ball in motion is more than enough. Of course, this is a fun physical activity for her.

Bounce N Roll Ball

Next, I purchased this different and smaller ball for $3. This one she can grab with her hand. As adults, we can grab this ball with our hand using gross motor skills. But because baby’s hand is still tiny, she needs to use her fingers and insert it between the ball’s gaps in order to pick the ball up. This practices her fine motor skills. It also teaches her cause and effect. She is learning that if she moves or shakes the ball, it makes a noise and rattles. She loved this ball so much that she would chase after it or take it along with her as she tummy crawled.

Sensory Water Play Mat

Last on the list is my post recent purchase – this $10 sensory water play mat. I wanted a different experience for her and this gave me just that. This play mat is inflated and filled halfway with water. It includes 6 floating animals inside. Basically it works like this: when baby pushes it or steps on it, the water moves and thus the floating animals move. This really catches her attention. In a sense, it’s a love-hate relationship sometimes because she’s chasing after the floating animals but then they float away so it sometimes frustrates her. Lol. 

You can better visualize and understand how this sensory water play mat by watching the vlog below. In the video, I include the unboxing and setting up of this product. Kaycey’s reaction to when she first got to play with it is included too! And please leave a thumbs up or subscribe as I would really appreciate the support:

Anyway, I hope this post gives you some cheap and educational ideas on what toys to give your 3 to 5-month old. As a first time mum, I wasn’t too sure about what my baby would like or not. I guess it involves a bit of a trial and error. But the great thing about babies is that everything is new and wonderful so they can’t really be too hard to please. I introduced these to her at around 3-months-old and she still loves them now that she’s over 5 months old.

What are your baby’s favourite toys?


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  1. Aaawww, what beautiful photos of your wonderful baby!
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  9. I am pretty sure we had all of these when my twins were younger - they like shaking those sensory balls when I wheeled them around the shops in their pram, haha! Kmart have some cool toys - we loved their wooden blocks and jigsaw puzzles when the kids were toddlers.

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