What To Look For When Shopping For Baby Clothes

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Any first-time mum would be very excited to buy all sorts of clothes for baby's wardrobe. Most especially if you're having a girl. It can be tempting to buy tutu skirts, frilly blouses, every closet item in pink, and don't forget - all types of ribbons and headbands! Perhaps you would expect that I, a girl who likes to blog and take Instagram photos, would buy every single thing I can think of for my baby's closet. But that's not actually the case. I like to think I'm a lot more practical than that. So what do I actually look for when buying clothes for my baby? Read on.

What To Buy

First off, I don't want to be buying too many clothes in one particular size. In her first 4 months of life, she grew SO fast and outgrew newborn clothes in no time! The truth is that some clothes (shoes especially) that were gifted by friends did not even get the chance to be worn by my baby girl. Oops, sorry friends! She just grew so fast and by the time I reached for some items, I realise that it will no longer fit. And perhaps the main reason those pieces were forgotten is that they were just not very practical. For one, your newborn won't be walking about so shoes are pretty much useless at this point except maybe for some photos if you wish. At this stage, you will be using onesies and swaddles. So you have to be practical and think about what your baby is actually going to use and what season you're buying for.
Star Wars Themed Baby Onesie from Lavendersun
Star Wars Themed Baby Onesie from Lavendersun


As I've mentioned, baby grows so fast during the first few months of life. So if you're buying brand name expensive pieces, say goodbye to your dollars as some of those pieces will only be worn once or twice. It's so important for me for baby's clothes to be affordable. Not only will she outgrow them quickly, she will also surely be occasionally making a mess and covering those pretty clothes with some poo or wee or vomit. There are days when baby is changing outfits several times in a day. Because of this, you'll find yourself chucking them in the wash more frequently than you ever expected. And if those pieces can no longer be salvaged with you being unable to remove the stains, you don't want to be hurting just a little bit when you spent too much on those clothes. If it's affordable (or cheap) then it's okay if it gets damaged or outgrown very quickly.

Oversized Rather Than Undersized

Speaking of baby growing so fast, I would always rather pick clothes one size up rather than pick baby's exact size and risking it being too small (as different brands have different sizing). This will also save you from buying clothes that will only be worn once or twice because baby has grown out of it. If the item you're purchasing is in fact too big, rest assured that baby will fit into it in no time.


Just because it's cheap/affordable doesn't mean it has to FEEL cheap. Thankfully, these days, there are plenty of affordable options that are also very comfortable and soft to baby's skin. While budget is important, you should never sacrifice baby’s comfort. In fact, comfort should be top priority.


Okay, so if we have a poo-nami (tsunami of poo), you don’t want to be undoing a silly amount of difficult buttons. Easy zips and snap closures at the bottom are my go-to and it just makes life so much easier. For example, I would pick a onesie with snap closures at the bottom like this one over a t-shirt any day. The reason being that my baby will be rolling and crawling all the time with no care if her t-shirt is riding up and exposing her belly to wind or the floor. Onesies however will stay in place even when your active baby is moving about.
Star Wars Themed Baby Onesie from Lavendersun
Star Wars Themed Baby Onesie from Lavendersun

Cute Factor

Ah yes, a cute baby needs a cute outfit for sure. For girls, mums will usually go for everything pink, some skirts, some ruffles, some frills or pompoms, and the like. Another option which will also work for baby boys is some statement designs. There are also funny options like the ones I found at Lavendersun. I picked this one with a Star Wars theme because my husband is a huge Star Wars fan and I thought it would be so great to have a baby onesie with a Star Wars design. I picked this in the 6-12 months options because she’s already 5 months old and will be growing into it in no time. I can’t wait for her to wear it! I’ll be sure to take a photo of her with her father, of course. Comment below if you totally get this “Dad, you are my father” statement onesie! And if you get it, may the force be with you!

What do you look for when you're shopping for baby clothes? Do you like funny baby onesies like this one?


*Although this product was gifted to me for review, all words and opinions are my own. View our disclaimer here.*

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  1. What an informative and cute post.
    Love your pics, stay safe ♥


  2. I love buying cute baby clothes for people!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. The cute factor is so key!! I mean heck, pretty soon she won't want you picking out her clothes, so you might as well style her now!!

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    Carina | https://carinazz.blogspot.com/

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  6. These are great tips and totally agree with buying oversize!


  7. The cutest onesie ever! Especially for today :-D

  8. Oh lots of good useful info here. I have had to shop for baby clothes in the past for friends and colleges and it could me overwhelming in not really knowing what to get. Thanks for posting and love the photos : )

    Allie of

  9. I love this post! As I prepare for my first baby I'm shopping for a lot of his clothes on Poshmark - it's mostly been a success!

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    Que Sera Sahra


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    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. This is such a cute and informative post (even though I dont have a baby) It's so true that many clothes from 0-6months are not used as the baby grows up fast! Buying baby clothes from friends is so much fun (the garments are so tiny!) but at the same time there is confusing on what is practical/useful or not.

    Thanks for sharing

    Loren | plaidandsugar.blogspot.com

  14. I love that onesie - so cute! And yep, I remember when the twins were babies, they went through sizes so quickly - buying up is definitely a great idea!

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    Thanks for sharing, you two are so cute!

  19. They grow up so fast ! I have many outfits my son did not wear more than once, especially new born clothes, going one size up is definitely a must ! great post mama :)


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