Intercontinental Adelaide: A Post-Pandemic Family Staycation [REVIEW]

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Back in July, we booked an overnight stay at Intercontinental Adelaide. It was hubby's birthday week, he was in dire need of a little holiday, pandemic restrictions were eased, I had about enough of being cooped up... and the hotel had a huge promo going on. So we thought, why not? I didn't know it then, but apparently we were literally their first customers on their first day opening post pandemic. No wonder why they had a huge discount going on! 

The Location

The hotel is located right in the heart of the CBD with a tram stop right in front of it. Even without the tram, it's an easy walk to get to Rundle Mall or one of the many restaurants in the city.

The Room

I'll be honest, it was a lot older than I expected. The photos looked much better than what it was. Check out my vlog to see what it looked like. The bath tub wasn't the cleanest and had sediments which I didn't realise until I started my bath. You think they would have done a thorough clean before reopening. They also added a single bed to the room even though when I booked the room it clearly stated that our child was less than 1 year old. The metal frame with the wheels of the portable bed wasn't the prettiest. The bed itself was surprisingly very comfortable though. I remember loving their pillows too. The room itself was tucked in an odd little nook but the view wasn't bad.

The Amenities 

They had an impressive hotel gym - wish I brought workout clothes. The hotel itself looks quite grand and I feel is quite suited for events. By the looks of it, they obviously hold a lot of events regularly. The pool was closed and we couldn't even view it as the lifts didn't allow access which was a bummer.

The Food

With any hotel staycation, a breakfast buffet is a must for me. In fact, a breakfast buffet will usually lure me in to pick one hotel over the other. Unfortunately, pandemic restrictions don't allow buffets which I didn't realise beforehand. Disappointing. But they did allow us to pick a meal each from the a la carte menu and served us a pastry and fruit platter alongside it. The food was delicious and we honestly couldn't consume it all even though we tried to. The prices on the menu was decent too. In fact, it was surprisingly more affordable than some cafes.

The Cost

This overnight stay cost us $148.25 with breakfast included for two. Note that this was a huge discount and normally costs heaps more.


The hotel was beautiful. The room was outdated. The food was delicious. Would I stay here again for no reason? Probably not. But we did enjoy our visit despite the let-downs caused by the pandemic restrictions. It was simply a much needed break that allowed us to unwind and reset.


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  1. Glad you were able to get the much needed break.. even if the room was a bit disappointing.

  2. looks like you really had so much fun in your new chapter of life. the last time i visit your blog is you're not a mom yet. congrats to you. :)

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