Renmark, South Australia: Big4 Renmark Riverfront Holiday Park REVIEW

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I have called South Australia home for 5 years now and I finally made it to the Riverland for the first time. I don't know why I haven't visited before. This is certainly a destination my husband and I would consider visiting more frequently from here on out. We booked 2 nights at Big4 Renmark Riverfront Holiday Park. Spoiler alert: this was honestly the first time that my husband and I were truly impressed by an accommodation in South Australia. Yes, top CBD hotels included. Read on to find out why.

Big4 Renmark Family Holiday

The Location 

A 3-hour drive from Adelaide, the park is located as it says - in front of the mighty Murray River. Marketed as an award-winning premier park that is resort-ish, it advertises itself as having something for "couples, families, those who are caravanning, or those who are adventure travellers looking for a touch of luxury." Ah yes, touch of luxury for me please! Despite this, I still kept my expectations very low as this was still a caravan park after all. We drove through the entrance and saw the well-constructed reception/kiosk area, saw staff driving by in a golf cart, and I immediately squealed, "I'm so happy!!" Perhaps this was the best option now that borders are closed and we can't really go anywhere due to the pandemic.

The Amenities 

For a caravan park, they sure had just about everything you need. A kiosk, a gym, water park, swimming pool, indoor playland plus sensory room, outdoor playground, jumping pillow, TV room, movie room, water activities, pedal cart/bike hires... there's something for everybody for sure. Check out my vlog to see what everything looks like:

The Cabin

We booked a pool-view cabin. Next time, we'll book the riverfront cabins. Our cabin had 2 rooms, a kitchen, toilet, and bath. Sure, it wasn't very modern, but it was certainly more than what I expected for a cabin. The mattress and linen that were provided were hotel-level. The kitchen was stocked with just about all the cutlery, crockery, and cooking gear that you'd need. I give you a cabin tour in the vlog so make sure to check that out.
Big4 Renmark Tiny Tots Indoor Playland
Big4 Renmark Tiny Tots Indoor Playland

The Cost

Our stay of 2 nights cost us $474. Certainly a lot more expensive than your average cabin but to me, it was worth it. You also have options to book cheaper cabins or to camp it out.

Big4 Renmark Water Park
Big4 Renmark Water Park

Suggestions for Your Roadtrip Stopovers

On the way to Renmark, stop for lunch at Viewpoint Waikerie. I loved that the cafe had an outdoor dining area and a well-maintained grass area with a small playground. It was the perfect stopover for my bub who needs to walk and play before going back in the car for another hour's drive. 

On the way back to Adelaide, stop for lunch at Barossa. And if you're travelling in the Spring, stop by for some photos at one of their beautiful canola fields.
Big4 Renmark Water Park
Big4 Renmark Water Park

My Thoughts 

This was by far more relaxing, fun, and luxurious than any other staycation we've done in Australia. Next time, maybe we'd book 3 nights. My husband and I had fun. And my 10-month-old, who is a very confident walker, absolutely loved the indoor playland and the water park. 

Have you been to a Big4 park before? Which one is your favourite?


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  2. Seems like such fun! I am glad that it all worked out even during these crazy circumstances!

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