Family Holiday at NRMA Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park

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2020 has certainly cancelled all our travel plans. The upside is that South Australia is a beautiful place to explore. I'm certainly grateful to call this state my home. After having such a wonderful experience at Big4 Renmark (check out that blog post), we thought another holiday park vacation would be lovely and easy. After the 3-day lockdown eased, we went off to a mini getaway at Victor Harbor. I found that NRMA had great online reviews and often ends up on top 10 lists for South Australia holiday parks. So I thought, let's do it! Read on.

Family Holiday at NRMA Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park


Victor Harbor is an easy 1-hour drive from Adelaide. NRMA is located conveniently within 4-10 minutes drive of Granite Island Causeway, restaurants, and grocer shops.


These days, we opt for the convenience of well-maintained cabins because with a baby, we honestly just can't be bothered with anything else. Of course, they have other options such as powered and unpowered sites where you can set up camp. We opted for the Ocean Breeze Villa which cost us $344 for 2 nights in the middle of the week. My dad decided to join us last minute and they only charged us an extra $20/night. The villa sleeps 4 people with 2 bedrooms.

Check out my vlog as I give you a cabin tour:

I was impressed that the cabin looked like it was recently built or renovated. It was clean and wasn't old or outdated. The cabin also had its own BBQ on the porch where you can also choose to dine. The kitchen had everything you would need except for an oven. The toilet also had an eco-friendly water system with a faucet above the flush button.

Amenities/Park Facilities 

The park had a bouncing pillow, a solar-heated pool, a pump track, a game room, TV room, laundry, community kitchen, playground, water park with slide, and bike rental. And of course, the park had a beachfront access.

Beachfront access from NRMA Victor Harbor Holiday Park
Beachfront Access from NRMA Victor Harbor Holiday Park

I was disappointed with the playground as there was barely anything there except for a rocking horse and the main play slide structure. There wasn't really anything to offer to a 12-month-old. The water in the solar heated pool did not feel warm at all. The water park I found a little boring however, it was perfectly tame and good for our 12-month-old baby who loves the water. To start the water in the water park, you press a button to activate it and it will go on for about 15 minutes. I think this must be eco-friendly as they are most likely saving energy consumption. The down side is that it's a bit annoying to have to press the button again... 

Where To Eat

I didn't bother to pack food for this trip aside from snacks. I knew there was plenty to eat at Victor Harbor. We grabbed KFC and Indian takeaway at one point. We also dined at Ninos of Victor Harbor which had great reviews. They didn't disappoint.

What's Around

While there's plenty to do at Victor Harbor, we weren't really there for adventure with a 12-month-old. We walked along the bridge to Granite Island and watched the horse-drawn tram. On our way back home, we drove the 11-minute drive to Port Elliot Bakery because of course, we needed the donut of the month.

Victor Harbor Granite Island Horse Drawn Tram

My Overall Thoughts

This was a lovely little quiet holiday perfect for families with little ones who are more than happy at the pool/water park/play on sand. The park itself doesn't have enough to entertain big kids or those who are looking for adventure. But this is a great and lovely location to set up camp if you're keen to explore what's around. I also love how they seem to have had a conscious effort in making the park more eco-friendly. 

Family Holiday at NRMA Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park

Have you been to Victor Harbor? What's your favourite spot here?


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