Santa’s Wonderland SA 2020

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I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with family. In the week leading up to Christmas, we got to visit Santa’s Wonderland SA held in the Adelaide Showground. I was fortunate enough to have received a PR invite as you would have seen on Instagram. But I wanted to share a review here on the blog as well. Thankfully, despite 2020's covid-19 whirlwind, Santa still came to visit. And we got to explore this wonderland.

Santa’s Wonderland SA

How Much It Costs

Each ticket costs approximately $30 per person with children under 2 years old being free of charge. The tickets are cheaper to purchase in the months leading up to Christmas, with prices increasing in December. 

What's Included

The price is a bit steep particularly if you've got a big family. But the tickets come with inclusions clearly listed on their website such as unlimited rides, Christmas tree baubles that the kids can colour in, a colouring sheet with crayons, etc.

Santa’s Wonderland SA Art Zone

The Rides

You can find amusement park rides like trains, convoy trucks, dodgem cars, bouncy castles, and the like. There is an ice skating area and toboggan slides. Note that some rides have a minimum height requirement and only a few rides allow adults to ride.

What's Not Included

Carnival rides where you can play for about $10 and win prizes are not included. Food and photos with Santa are also not included. However, there are plenty of free photo opportunities at the designated Family Selfie zones.

Santa’s Wonderland SA

My Thoughts 

Personally, I think kids aged 3-7 years old would be the best to take to make every dollar worth it. Older kids would likely get bored. Younger toddlers and infants would only get to enjoy minimal rides as only a few allow parents to ride, and some rides may be too much for them. In saying that, the whole event is filled with sensory stimulation and simply being there is enough for your toddlers/babies to observe and enjoy. 

The set up was beautiful. I opted not to pay extra for the Santa photos as all the selfie zones were incredibly gorgeous already.

Because we're still in covid-19 times, you could really see that they disinfected everything after use. They also ensured everyone use hand sanitiser before entering each zone or ride. They of course had to cap the number of people per session which I think made it even better. This ensured that lines weren't long and moved quickly. It also wasn't overcrowded so everyone got to enjoy without feeling too overwhelmed from the noise and amount of people.

I certainly had a lovely time and will definitely be back when my child is older and can enjoy this better. At 1, the highlight of her day there was the ride-on reindeers which her dad and I pushed along for her.

Have you been to Santa's Wonderland before?


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*Disclaimer: I was invited to this event free of charge but all words, thoughts, and photos are my own.*

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