20 Random Thoughts Of A First-Time-Mum

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Beyond the fog of sleep deprivation, there's plenty of things that goes on in the mind of a first time mother. Not everything makes sense, but sometimes it feels like your love could write poetry too. Here's a list of random thoughts I wrote several months ago, back when motherhood was still fresh and new to me:

1. You forget about all the pain you went through and as soon as you see your baby, you want another one.

2. One can indeed function well with barely any sleep or with weeks or months of disrupted sleep.
3. I would give up everything for my baby.
4. "'Baby brain' is something men invented." Or not?
5. You really don't need much for a newborn.
7. Insurance is suddenly so important, like, you really think about the numbers this time because you want to take care of your child even if you die.
8. Wait, what? I have to pay extra for hotels and plane fares if I take my baby with me??
9. She loves me SO incredibly much. And I love that. 
10. Perhaps no one has ever (constantly stared at) looked at me with such love and longing before. Not even her father. (Also maybe because a baby can stare at you for ages without blinking, unlike adults. Lol)
11. How are some baby clothes more expensive than adult clothes? No thanks, I'm headed to Kmart.
12. "She's growing up so fast" is so real and even though each milestone makes me happy and proud, the fact that time is flying so quickly also breaks my heart.
14. I'm just as clingy as my baby. Or maybe more.
15. My shirt is drenched in baby drool. I even smell like drool. But I can't even be bothered to change anymore.
16. I should probably start planning about school for her and stuff.. but I'm just winging it over here.
17. All I want is for her to be healthy and happy.
18. Nobody ever really told me that baby girls will also shower you with pee, almost as well as a baby boy would.
19. My phone is constantly running out of storage. But I can't bring myself to delete baby's photos/videos... No, those 5 photos aren't identical, you see the difference in her smile between shots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5? 
20. I love the way you love me. But I love you even more.


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  1. Aww a lot of this is so sweet! I also don't understand how baby clothes are more money!

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