Adelaide Restaurant Review: Chicco Palms

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The husband and I finally managed to go on our first child-free date since becoming parents 15 months ago! My restaurant choice for this special day was Chicco Palms because number 1: Instagrammable interiors (because that's so important, right?lol) and number 2: I absolutely love Italian cuisine.


437 Henley Beach Rd, Brooklyn Park SA 5032

What We Ordered:

Pictured above is the Quattro Formaggi pizza ($24) which (obviously) is a four-cheese pizza baked in that super cute oven. The thin dough is just right and of course this turned out just perfect. They've obviously honed their craft.

For the pasta, I picked the Cicatelli with Pork Sausage and Chilli ($23). This was delicious too and the savoury flavour was the perfect accompaniment to the cheesy pizza. I also love how you can see the staff making the hand-made pasta from scratch.

Oh, before I forget, they served us a complimentary platter of bread and olive oil, cheese, and chilli, before we got started. It's a simple appetiser, isn’t it? So why did it taste so crazy good? I think it's the quality of the food and it immediately got me excited for everything else.

For our drinks, the husband got a Sanbitter ($4) and I got a non-alcoholic Citrus Cooler ($9) made with orange, mint, and Italian lemonade. Our drinks were the perfect palate cleansers.

For dessert, we had tiramisu (duh!). To our surprise, this was huge! And to our delight, this tasted impeccable. This was so good that I almost didn't realise how quickly I was devouring huge slices. We had to remind ourselves to slow down and enjoy the flavour. The texture was just perfect. The cold mascarpone cream was the just right amount of sweetness. The coffee flavour wasn't too strong but left the right amount of slightly coffee-bitter aftertaste on your tongue. I'm not a coffee drinker and I loved this, and so did my coffee-lover husband. For $15, this was hands down the best tiramisu of our lives.

Overall Thoughts 

What's not to love about this restaurant? Ambience was on point. Service was amazing. Food was absolutely delicious. High quality food at a surprisingly affordable price. And I'm still dreaming about that tiramisu!


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