Crowne Plaza Adelaide [Family Staycation + REVIEW]

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Hello to our first family staycation of the year, thanks to South Australia's Great State Voucher. It's funny, even though we don't live too far from the CBD, we're only ever really exploring the CBD when we're staying in a hotel in the city. Our most recent CBD staycation was at Intercontinental Adelaide. This time, we stayed at the fairly new Crowne Plaza Adelaide.

Crowne Plaza Adelaide Pool

The Cost

We booked a Twin Premium Room on a Friday night and the full price was $249/night. Of course, we got $100 off thanks to the Great State Voucher.

The Location

21 Frome Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Conveniently located on Frome Street, heaps of restaurants and Rundle Mall is literally next door.

The Amenities 

As with any staycation, the swimming pool is very important to me. They've got a lovely looking infinity pool that's not very big but enough to keep the kids (and me) happy. Of course, covid restrictions apply to the number of people allowed at one time. Although who's really policing these days?

In this hotel, it seems as if everything is on the same floor on Level 10. This includes their lobby/lounge, bar, swimming pool, gym, reception, and restaurant. 

Breakfast wasn't included in our stay. We did have a look at the breakfast buffet at Koomo restaurant and although it looked lovely, the selection was too limited for us to spend about $39 each. We decided to walk and pick a cafe elsewhere instead. I fully intended to dine at Koomo but we're not the biggest fans of fusion cuisines especially when it's a cuisine that we love. We opted to walk and dine at Japanese restaurant Akimitsu Australia instead. I'll have to come back and try Koomo another time.

The Room

We booked a Twin Premium Room which was on one of the higher floors which gave us a lovely view overlooking the CBD. The room itself was simple but I loved the clean, minimalist, and modern aesthetic. Check out the vlog for a hotel tour:

The toiletries included were hooked to the wall but I loved the beautiful scent of the Antipodes blackcurrant set. The coffee machine was modern with some coffee pods included. The TV was chromecast ready. The phone and remote were modern. They also had a wireless charger ready on the bedside table. 

Overall Thoughts 

This is most likely the most modern hotel we've stayed at in Adelaide by far. It's simple with not all too much to do or explore but perhaps that is the charm to it too. Loved the beautifully designed aesthetics and interiors. With such a convenient location and sufficient amenities, I'd say Crowne Plaza Adelaide was worth our stay.


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  1. Looks like a wonderful place to stay! How charming and love the decor. Laura xo

  2. lovely excursion. nice decor. x Jeric


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