Adelaide Fringe 2021: MONSKI MOUSE

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Adelaide Fringe 2021 has officially kicked off and we had the pleasure of being invited to the opening weekend for children's event, Monski Mouse's Baby Disco Dance Hall. As a new mum, it was my first time to attend a children's show and I didn't really know what to expect. All I knew was that I have a very cheeky, friendly toddler who loves to go out and also loves to dance. So obviously this show would be perfect for her, right?

Monski Mouse is a DJ Mumma and this event is really basically what the title says - a baby disco dance hall. All the parents and bubs have ample room to just let loose and have fun. Everyone sure had a bopping good time complete with dinosaur roars, rock a bye your bear, the (covid-safe version) congo, and some tracks for mum and dad too.

The venue is at the Garden of Unearthly Delights at the Umbrella Revolution tent which had plenty of room for everyone to dance around in. It was air conditioned but we still got sweaty from all the dancing. 

Targeted at kids aged 0-5 years old, I did not see a single child who wasn't dancing or having fun at this event. I also loved how all the parents were very game and danced and hopped and crawled along with all the kids too.

My little 15-month-old dancer had an amazing time dancing. I mean, it was actually nap time for her but she could not resist and danced the whole time! We definitely enjoyed ourselves and she had a good nap afterwards. If you're looking for a Fringe show to support and to bring your child to, check this one out especially if you've got a little dancer too!


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