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Hello to my first Adelaide restaurant review. I often get asked for restaurant recommendations but I'm certainly no expert. That's probably why this is the first time I'm sharing about an Adelaide restaurant here on the blog. But I thought it would be nice to share the little gems I come across here on the blog. From here on, I'll be sharing good finds with you guys. (Ordinary or disappointing finds won't make it to the blog simply because I don't have all that time. Lol.) So why did Akimitsu Australia make it to my list? Read on.
Seafood Tempura Platter for Two at Akimitsu Australia
Seafood Tempura Platter for Two at Akimitsu Australia 

What We Ordered

Pictured above is the Seafood Tempura Platter For Two. At $65, this platter includes 2 x steamed rice, 2 bowls of miso soup, assorted vegetables, 2 x prawn, 2 x lobster, 4 x assorted fish. We visited twice within a month of each visit and ordered the same thing. On the first visit, we shared this and a couple other dishes between 4 people and we were all incredibly impressed. The second time, we shared it between just 2 people (and a toddler) and the magic was gone a little but it was still good. Perhaps because it's actually a very heavy platter for 2 people (particularly if you drink the soup) even though it looks small. On the 2nd visit, we noticed that the fish selection was also different.  The first visit included salmon while the 2nd one did not. 

But let's talk about the tempura. For the first time in Adelaide, my husband was actually happy about the tempura. Other restaurants have disappointed him previously with the tempura not being "legit" and when I say legit, it means an Asian with an Asian appetite being disappointed with what is presented as Asian food. This tempura had authentic batter and was cooked just right. Of course, I heard that Akimitsu uses local fresh ingredients but imports their sauces and the like from Japan.

Do you like miso soup? We don't. This one was delicious though. We actually had it all.

We ordered an additional Ebi Tempura dish that first visit because we needed more prawn tempura since there were 4 of us that time. By the way, I love the side of pickles but I always love pickles, that's just me.

Lastly, apologies for the demolished photo of the chashu don. This was soft and delicious by the way. The rice doesn't feel like 100% soft Japanese rice. Could it be a mixture or a different variant?

Overall Thoughts

This restaurant is a little pricey but I would certainly recommend that you try their tempura. We were happy with it, and so was our toddler. This restaurant wasn't the most child-friendly but it turned out alright. We just had to ask for a high chair and they didn't really have plastic utensils for children but we managed with no problem.

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  1. I've never been to adelaide but this place looks delicious!

  2. Every single thing looks so yummy! Have a great week!
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