Toddler-Friendly Playground: Southbank Boulevard Reserve (Sheidow Park, South Australia)

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I am so happy about today's playground find! For the first time, my 14-month-old was actually immediately excited to play. She basically ran with excitement at this playground. I'm sure seeing some bigger toddlers contributed a lot to her excitement. But also, the way the playground was set up was very conducive to toddler play. Even better is that Sheidow Park is only a short drive from where we're located in the South of Adelaide. 

Southbank Boulevard Reserve, Sheidow Park
Southbank Boulevard Reserve, Sheidow Park


Southbank Boulevard Reserve, Sheidow Park


Plenty of side street carpark available


Automated public toilets are available

BBQ facilities 


The Play Area

There aren't too many playgrounds that are suitable for toddlers. I find that most playgrounds are more suited for bigger kids. This one is so toddler-friendly that it made me so happy to see my 14-month-old so excited.

This playground has plenty of shaded areas as far as playgrounds go too! Which is just amazing and much appreciated especially for little kids. 

Two swings are available under shade. A see-saw with 2 seats on either side and a bouncy firetruck are also available. The main play area has a small staircase that toddlers can navigate with assistance and a ramp is also present. A small slide, 3 bigger main slides, and a spiral slide are also there.

I'm so glad we came across this gem of a playground!

Comment below if you've got any toddler-friendly playgrounds that you recommend around South Australia as I'd love to check them out!


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