The Winter Village - Adelaide [REVIEW]

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Last weekend, we paid a visit to the Winter Village. It's their first year in Adelaide and I wanted the chance to dine in an "igloo". And of course I thought it'd be a lovely day out for my toddler.

The Winter Village Adelaide

Location: Victoria Drive, Adelaide SA 5000

Cost: Different packages are available beginning at $35 per person. We availed of the $35 Brunch and Skate Package. At the time, I felt like the other deals were too pricey and the brunch deal time slot and menu were the most toddler-friendly. It seemed like other parents had the exact same sentiment as the vast majority of the people who went to that timeslot had kids in tow.

The Winter Village Adelaide

The Food: Included in the package is your brunch meal with choices that include: a cheeseburger, fish and chips, a lobster roll, and chicken and waffles. Drink choices included some alcoholic choices as well as hot chocolate or soda. My husband enjoyed the chicken and waffles. I enjoyed my lobster roll. Although I did end up going to the toilet too much a few hours after... I'm not too sure if the lobster roll was to blame. The food was all good though.

The Winter Village Adelaide Food

The Winter Village Adelaide Food

Ice Skating: Ice skating shoes rental are included. They looked clean and sizing was true to size. None of us are good ice skaters. They sold out of kangas. But a stranger pitied me enough to lend me a kanga to hold on to. Lol! Only kids above 3 years old are allowed on the ice though. We all had a blast laughing at our embarrassing ice skating skills.

The igloos: The igloos were beautifully furnished for your Instagram needs. What we didn't count on was how warm it can get inside an igloo. I guess that's how an igloo works. Lol. It was a very sunny day even though the wind was really cold. The sun made the interior of the igloo quite hot. The staff were quick to give us hand-held fans. But it was certainly too warm to stay in there too long although we did still make the most out of our time there. Here's my brother sticking his head out to catch a breeze:

Overall, we all enjoyed our time at the winter village. It's certainly worth a visit. If we didn't have a 1-year-old along, the night time slots with the snow fall would have been even more beautiful. And we were definitely impressed by the exemplary service from staff. I'm glad the winter village came to Adelaide!

The Winter Village Adelaide Igloo


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