Adelaide Restaurant: Shobosho [REVIEW]

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This restaurant had one of the strictest reservation policies I've come across in Adelaide so far. That sort of trouble certainly set me up to have high expectations. But with good reviews, we were keen to have a date at Shobosho.

The Ambiance

We stepped up the stairs to find that the interiors had a modern Japanese-like aesthetic with the perfect contrast of dark paint and wood furniture. The dark ceilings and sound proofing certainly gave us some interior design inspiration. My husband immediately fell in love. Because of the dimmed room with a cozy atmosphere, it felt like we stepped into a different world for a while - like we were actually having a romantic date night (instead of being 2 parents sneaking in a lunch date while the toddler is at daycare). We zoned out to the restaurant's vibes and enjoyed that feeling while the sound system played Backstreet's "No Diggity".

The Staff

Uhhhhhh does this place have a requirement for their staffs' appearance? Why was each one oozing with effortless sex appeal?? They all had different looks and appeal - one was effortlessly chic, one had that messy-hair-artistic-and-quietly-sexy vibes, one was boy-next-door, and one was suave. Or was it the music and ambiance getting into our heads? Needless to say, service was exemplary. 

The Food

I knew straight away after Googling this restaurant that I could not and would not leave this place without trying that pork sandwich. It struck me as odd to visit a fancy restaurant and just order a sandwich but this sandwich definitely intrigued me.

~Katsu-sando, crumbed pork meatball sandwich, tonkatsu, cabbage

What sort of sandwich concoction is this and why is it the best sandwich we've ever had? The bread was ever so slightly toasted but soft and melt-in-your-mouth. The pork had the right amount of crispness and softness. What tasted like Japanese mayo was the perfect dressing. This comes with 2 pieces meant for sharing. One piece was perfect. If you eat both pieces then it would be too overpowering. 

~Spit roast terriyaki chicken, BBQ onions, miso creamed corn, wood baked shallot bread

It's probably just me but I always don't expect much from chicken. Terriyaki chicken sounds and looks simple enough. But oohh, the miso creamed corn flavour was mild but also distinct. The shallot bread was flavoursome. 

Although this whole meal of 2 dishes doesn't look like much, it was actually filling and we left very satisfied. 

We'll be back!


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  1. Seems so delicious! Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Lots of Love: Mariann Yip


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