SAFM Holiday Fun Fair 2022

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While SAFM's Holiday Fun Fair has ended, I still wanted to write about it so that you (and I) can bookmark this event for 2023. This 10-day-event timed during the school holidays and held at Bonython Park was just the perfect size for my toddler to enjoy.

SAFM Holiday Fun Fair

Bonython Park, SA

$3 entry fee (additional costs for rides and games)

If you missed the Royal Adelaide Show (or you were avoiding the huge crowd and costs), this one is a great alternative. I found that the Holiday Fun Fair was actually just perfect for our toddler. 

SAFM Holiday Fun Fair

Each day has 2-3 ticketed sessions and once the tickets run out, no more will be sold. This allowed for there to be ample space for my toddler to run around on the grass as well as ensure that the lines on the rides were not too long. We were able to easily line up a second (or 3rd) time to go on the rides that became her favourites.

For smaller kids, there were some great options as you can see in the photos. Also check out my IG Reel here:

Of course, there are options for bigger kids and thrill seekers too. 

SAFM Holiday Fun Fair

And if rides aren't your thing, there are show games too. Food trucks and show bags were also available. We enjoyed some hot cinnamon donuts and fairy floss.

Depending on the time slot you go to, there were also some circus entertainment, superhero meet-and-greets, and fireworks!

I personally loved the Holiday Fun Fair and thought it made for the perfect day for families like us with little kids. In saying that, I also saw teenagers laughing and vomiting in the toilets after some thrill rides (ah the joys of being young)... as well as young couples enjoying a nice date together.

SAFM Holiday Fun Fair

Will you be going in 2023?



* Although we received kind invitations to this event, all words, photos, and opinions remain my own.*

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