Cebu: Circa 1900

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Last Easter Sunday, my friends and I decided to have lunch after church. We ventured off in search of this new restaurant, Circa 1900. It was perfectly easy to find, just enter the corner next to the JY Square Jollibee branch, go straight, and you can't miss the grand restaurant that looks like a Spanish era mansion that got a makeover.

It's a big two story building (more like a home converted into a restaurant), with a big lawn and a tennis court. It was Easter and they had an Easter Egg Hunt prepared for the kids. And even if you weren't joining, it was a beautiful afternoon to just relax in the garden.
At Circa 1900, you have the option to go for the buffet or order ala carte. After surveying the buffet choices, we opted to order ala carte since the buffet was much more expensive, with not as much choices, and we really don't eat that much anyway.
We ordered 3 different dishes to share. They were all amazingly delicious and rich in flavor. The taste matched the price so if you're up for some dance-in-your-mouth taste festival, be sure to give this place a try.
Chicken Bringhe

The chicken bringhe was so tasty that it's hard to finish the whole serving by yourself. It felt a little overpowering after a while so I think it's best shared.

Absolutely loving how Cebu doesn't run out of new restaurants, new ideas, new developments and the like now. Endless discoveries. <3

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