Cebu: Sunday 2 PM and Bar Tea More

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The BFF and I were off to have some snacks after a well-deserved pedicure session so we drove to Sarossa hotel (where we parked) and had two choices: Sunday 2 PM or Bar Tea More? And since we both haven't tried either yet, we decided to share a dish in each cafe.

We went to Sunday 2 PM first. I had heard about how cute this place is, how they have a cute library concept, long before all the other cute teddy-bear-filled Korean restaurants popped up. So I was a little disappointed to find that the cafe was so tiny and didn't feel too appealing (despite the colorful design). I think it's time for a renovation.. We ordered a ham & cheese sandwich to share and it was pretty good.

Like I said in a previous post, all these post-its are cute, but I think you should perhaps set a time limit for each and dispose of them so they don't accumulate much dirt.

We then proceeded to Bar Tea More which is located in the same building, just a few steps away. They serve items that you can find in a bar, tea, and more. Hence the name, obviously.

Automatically, you feel the difference in the ambiance as Bar Tea More would of course have a different target crowd and exuded a more classy air.

We ordered a cheesy mushroom sandwich (cheese 2 sandwiches in a row!) and it had nachos and dip on the side. This was really good and reeeaallyyy cheesy. Or maybe it was because we another cheese sandwich before this one? But I loved it anyway. We each also ordered their house milk tea and it had a free pineapple cake bit. The pineapple cake was unique and surprisingly delicious. It had a hard texture and I don't think I've tasted anything similar before. The milk tea was a little weird though. You have to take several sips to actually get used to the taste and learn to like it.

To more BFF dates. <3

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