I love Sundays

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I have my Sundays back and all my Sundays for the rest of the year can be as pretty as this one!

In my previous job, working Sundays were actually very chill work days but still, I would always look forward to my turn to have Sundays off. Sundays are my favorite. First off, I get to start the day by going to church. Being able to go to church is a privilege. (Nothing like having to work Sundays to remind you that it is that - a privilege.) After church, I get to choose how I wish to spend my chill Sunday afternoon. And for this particular Sunday, I spent it at La Vie Parisienne.

Instagram has been flooded with snippets of this picturesque place so I know it's very late of me, a Cebuana, to only be able to visit this place now. A friend even told me that this place is on one blog's "Top Katkat (v. to climb, or in this case, to social climb) Places in Cebu." And I absolutely agree! I looked around and saw all sorts of people - from authentic rich classy people to those who are just pretending. And there's nothing wrong with drinking wine on a sunny afternoon but uhm, anyone can tell a fake..

Anyway, since the boyfriend and I are not much of alcoholic drinkers, we fed our tummies like we usually do.
Unexpectedly, the price wasn't too bloated. We got a croissant (P45), a chocolate twist and a raspberry turnover. All of them were good! Did not disappoint. Just apt for the pretty ambiance.

Here I am with the fake (but pretty) cherry blossom (?) trees. It was a really hot afternoon but somehow, it wasn't unbearable to sit at the al fresco area.
Top from 59th Street, Maxi from Forever 21, Shoes from CMG
I wouldn't mind going back. Hopefully, with lesser people around.

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